The lifestyle of the early settlers of the region

Slabs retrieved from the original home of the Hogg family were used to recreate the detached homestead kitchen, the heart of the home.

Rough slab walls and a brick paved floor are warmed by a fire burning in the open fire place. Heavy black kettles and pots hang from a metal frame, and a tin bath sits on the hearth. Water to fill them was pumped by hand-from the underground tank at the rear of the house. Hessian lines the ceiling, absorbing condensation dripping from the cold corrugated iron roof. Old crockery, crazed bottles and stone jars and early kitchen utensils cover the kitchen dresser and the wooden table, scrubbed white over the years. The large pieces of furniture came from the home of Wandin Sebire, born in 1867 and the first birth registered in the new settlement.

On the open back verandah is the wash house with wooden troughs, a copper and early washing machines. Nearby, under the branches of the peppercorn tree is the home dairy, moved from the Chapman property, and housing a collection of butter churns, separators and other dairy paraphernalia.

Slab Kitchen

The Slab Kitchen

Slab Kitchen

Rough slab walls and paved entrance

Slab Kitchen

The Dairy adjoining the Slab Kitchen