The Heritage Education Centre

In a joint initiative Wandin Yallock Primary School (established 1870) and Mont De Lancey offer a program for primary age children that addresses VELS requirements in a fun-filled day in a unique heritage setting.

School groups of up to 100 children and staff experience ‘hands-on’ family and school life in the period 1870 to 1918.

A fun day at Mont De Lancey offers:

A great day in the country, yet quick and easy to reach from the city and suburbs.

An opportunity to take part in many hands on activities of the past and to see others – many of which may not be available elsewhere.

A chance to build confidence and self esteem for children, as they take part in fail proof activities with lots of encouragement from students, staff leaders and helpers.

Mont De Lancey Education Centre Class Photo
‘Class photo’ at the Heritage Education Centre.

The Daily Program

Museum Tour
House & Chapel
Machinery Shed
Flagpole & Schoolroom
Outdoor Games
Food Activities


For an introduction to the Field Site
for teachers please click here


Dressing up
Lighting the fire
Raising the flag
Copperplate writing

Activities in the grounds:

Damper making
Butter making
Lemonade making
Apple peeling
Old-fashioned games
Sewing and crafts

PRE Visit activities:

A visit to Mont De Lancey is of greater educational value to students that have engaged in preparatory activities before their visit.
Click here for a range of PRE visit activities.


POST Visit activities:

To enhance the educational experience for students a selections of POST visit activities are suggested for students.
Click here for a range of POST visit activities.